Would you like us to come to your house? If you have a house, barn, garage, or backyard that can accommodate about 30 people and you are interested in hosting a house concert, drop us a line.

What is a house concert? A house concert is a professional live concert performed in an intimate home environment. It can be a social evening of friends and neighbors or a fund-raising event. It’s a chance for you and your guests to hear live music in a relaxed setting. It also supports the age-old tradition of bringing music into the home (where it belongs), and is a way to support the arts by providing visibility for musicians.

How it Works: You invite people to your place for a concert. We show up and play. Everyone has a good time.

The Cost: We don’t exactly perform for free, but darn near. A house concert is for love, not money. That is part of the charm, part of what makes it personal, part of the reason friends will come even though they have never heard of Jody and Elize. But we also need to cover expenses and make a living, so . . .  We recommend a donation of $10 - $15 a head for the musicians. The hat is passed after the performance. We’ll never get rich this way, but we’ve never gone home broke.

Why will People Come? 1) They are your friends and you throw great parties; 2) It sounds like a good party idea and a chance to see the gang; 3) It is an odd and intriguing thing to do; 4) It is for a good cause (if it is for a cause); 5) They want to see and meet Jody and Elize.

Fancy or Plain: We’ve seen it all — from a few refreshments or bottled water made available during intermission, to a full-scale scrumptious buffet. Or plan a pot-luck dessert and you provide the coffee and tea.

Misc. Details:
• We will provide promo material, including graphics, poster art, and a write-up you can send out or draw on.
• The music can be performed acoustically or, if the space is large, with a PA system.
• Shoot for a minimum audience of 30. The size of the room will determine the potential audience.
• Your living room is too small? Get creative. Outdoors? A friend’s place?