General Website Viewing Info

Screen Resolution

This website is designed to be viewed at a resolution of at least 1024 pixels by 768 pixels. (It was created using a resolution of 1280 x 1024, and looks best at this setting.) Most programs and websites look better using higher resolutions — more than the 800 x 600 setting that many computers come initially set at. If you are running Microsoft Windows, you can change your resolution setting as follows:

• Go to the “desktop.” This is the background screen (it may have program icons on it) that you see when no programs are running on-screen.
• Right-click (press and release the right mouse button) anywhere on the desktop.
• A menu will appear; click on “Properties” with the left mouse button.
• The “Display Properties” window will appear. Left-click on the “Settings” tab.
• Move the “Screen Resolution” slider up to at least 1024 x 768. (If for some reason, such as a very old computer or graphics card, a higher resolution is not supported, the screen may look very strange and be unreadable; but it should return to the original setting after a few seconds.)
• If your “Color Quality” setting is below 16 or 32 bit, change this setting also.
• You will probably find that your screen fonts are now too small. Click on the “Advanced” button and change the “DPI Setting” to ”Large Size.” If the fonts are still too small (and you will only notice after you have rebooted your computer), choose “Custom Setting” and try raising it to something higher. Start with 125, and go higher if necessary.
• Click “OK” once to exit this window, and again at the next window. Restart your computer to apply the changes.

Default Font

Most of the text that you see on this website will be displayed using your Web Browser’s default font setting. You can change the default font for all websites, and choose something more interesting than the usual defaults — the extremely-boring Times Roman or Arial.
• If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, click on “Tools,” then choose “Internet Options,” then “Fonts.” (For Mozilla Firefox, it's Tools, Options, Fonts.) Choose something attractive and readable, such as Optima (aka Zapf Humanist) or Palatino (aka Zapf Calligraphic).

Font Size

The size of your default font can also be changed.
• If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, click on “View,” then “Text Size.” Select a new setting. If you have a wheel mouse, you can quickly change your font size by holding down the “Ctrl” key and spin the mouse wheel — forward for smaller, backward for larger. (In Firefox, you can also press [Ctrl+] or [Ctrl-].)

Site Creator

This website was created by Jeff Calcara.
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